I am a film maker and photographer currently based in Prague Czechia and Dublin Ireland. I am mainly a professional portrait photographer, video producer, perfectionist and artist who cares about the creativity and quality of the resulting photographic work or video. I like to travel the world as it helps me to collect new stories and inspiration for my creative work. I am open to travel anywhere in the world to capture amazing images and breathtaking videos for you! 
Let me know what would you like to do, tell me more about your project and let's meet and talk about it.
Photography and video production in Prague and Czechia. Creative work of all kinds. You can see examples of my work in the Photography and Video Production section. I am also a proud owner of photo studio BOOX.MX in Mexico, where we handle commercial and product photography.

Music Video 800 EUR
Fashion Video 800 EUR 
Fitness Video 900 EUR
Documentary Video 1000 EUR
 Aerial Drone Video 1300 EUR
Festival & Concert Video 1500 EUR
Wedding Film Video 1800 EUR
Branding Video 2000 EUR
Real Estate Video 2000 EUR
Commercial Video 2500 EUR
Personal Film Maker 10000 EUR
Feature Film 250000 EUR

Up to 6 hours shoot
5min 4K cinematic video
Editing and color grading
In studio or on-lacation shoot
Unlimited usage rights
Easy access and storage on cloud
No hidden fees
Portrait Photography 200 EUR
Instagram Photography 250 EUR
Documentary Photography 500 EUR
Drone Photography 600 EUR
Festival & Concert Photography 900 EUR
Press and Editorial Photography 900 EUR
Branding Photography 1000 EUR
Wedding Photography 1000 EUR
Real Estate Photography 1000 EUR
Cinemagraph Photography 1000 EUR
Time Lapse Photography 1000 EUR
Commercial Photography 1200 EUR

Up to 2 hours shoot
30 color corrected photos
10 high end retouched photos
In studio or on-location shoot
Unlimited usage rights
Easy access and storage on cloud
No hidden fees

Prices are variable as every project is different. 
There are no rules, everything will be personilized exactly how you like it!
Video Production Company in Prague Czechia
Video Production Company in Dublin Ireland
Video Production Company in Monterrey Mexico

Video Production Company in Prague Czechia
Video Production Company in Dublin Ireland
Photographer in Prague Czechia

OOO 4 Years - Full Time Freelance Film Maker 
Windmill Lane 2 Years - Pulse College Film Production
Google 6 Years - Online Marketing

Photography Services in Prague Czechia
Profesional portrait plays an important role in your personal brand and identity. Call us for portrait photography and we make sure to make you stand out.
Instagram photography is a key to every influencer in town, with our photos you will not only gain million likes but also catch attention of the milenials all over the globe.
Documentary photography is a way to remember important historical events but also everyday life. You name it and let´s write the worlds history together.
Drone photography gives us absolutely new perspective and freedom of movement in the sky. Drone is one of my favorite tools to create incredible images.
Festival and Concert photography brings back the lifetime memory to all these drunk fans and it is the best promotion for the next concert you organize.
Press and Editorial photography catch important moments around us, it can be a lifechanging revolution and I would love to be the part of that.
Branding photography is all about your brand, how you gona present yourself before your customers will play a key role in their buying habits. Let me create your brand!
Wedding photography is about collecting memories of the most important day of your life. And I ll be happy to celebrate with you.. also I can take some photos.
Real estate photography is the best way to present your mansion to potential clients. It is usually quite boring so lets be creative and it will be sold tomorrow.
Cinemagraph is a combination of photo and video which can impress even you. It is not easy to make but I love to create so let me do magical cinemagraphs for you.
Time lapse or hyperlapse is a technique of stitching multiple photographs together it is basically time manipulation through image and people love them. Time seems to be moving faster than reality.
Commercial photography for big brands who aim for the best photos on the market. And who is the best photographer? I don´t know but you should give me a chance.
Why would you even read all this, its just for SEO.. Basically I can shoot anything what is fun and creative, just take a look at my work, send me a message right now and lets talk about it!​​​​​​​
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