One of the most beautiful places on planet earth is where the rock jumped out from the earth. Take a breath and enjoy stunning view on Guatapé!
Location: Guatapé, Colombia, Latin America, Planet Earth.
One sunny day 80 millions years ago two lithospheric plates hit to each other so hard that this baby rock was born. They call him El Peñón de Guatapé, Its weight is 66 millions of tons, he is 200 metres tall and 110 metres wide. El Peñón de Guatapé has a strong spiritual value for indigenous civilizations and we people love to admire beautiful creations that nature give us in life, but also we like to conquer and that is what a group of brave men decided in a year 1954, lets get on the top of this rock. At that time those 5 men were climbing to the top of the rock for 5 long days. 
Today you can use the stairs and you can climb to the top in 10 minutes. It is just 740 stairs which takes you to El Peñón de Guatapé and believe me this trip is worthy every step.. the views are breathtaking and its one of the most beautiful sight I saw in my life. 
To explain the letters GU on the rock, it happened In a year 1988 when The cities of Guatapé and El Peñol argued about ownership of the rock, and the people from Guatapé decided to send a clear message about the ownership by painting the name of the city Guatapé on the rock in big white letters. Residents of El Peñol got furious about this act and they argued that it is prohibited to paint on national monuments in Colombia so their attempt to write the name of the city on the rock was lawfully stopped. 
The Stone of Peñol is composed of granite quartz, feldspar and mica. 
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Amazing Colombia - My favorite view

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