Venice Italy 4K UHD Venice (Venezia in italian) is the capital of the Italian region of Veneto. Venice is an island city that consists of more than 110 islands. It is also known for romantic streets, beautiful canals, famous boat rides on gondolas and the annual Carnival of Venezia, which is held in February. I never imagined that the city would have such a beautiful atmostphere, it is breath taking and a must visit when travelling in Italy, definitely the most beautiful city in Europe. Enjoy this 4K city walk and let us know how you like Venice! Fish Market Piazza San Marco San Marco Campanile Piazzetta San Marco and Doge's Palace
Venice Italy 4K Walking Tour | The most beautiful and romantic city in Europe | Venice city of rivers, canals and hundred islands | Ambient Italian Music.
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Venice the city of eternal Romance.
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