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Very intensive Muay Thai training in Monterrey. If you like to fight this the place to go, but be careful these guys will kick your ass. There is no place for the weak in Mexico.

This is one of the event that you have to see in your life! Day of the dead charmed me and stole my breath. Such a beautiful event with deep significance for sure I ll be back.
Celebrating the dead in Mexico City. 
Video of the most beautiful young models in Mexico. Young models agency organized catwalk and photo shoots. It was fun to work with them. 
Now it is the time to show everything they learnt during their preparation at L´Models agency.
Final catwalk of young models in Monterrey.
Horse riding through the nature is the best way to relax your life. Especially if your destination is a private waterfall and it is a very hot day.
Working with NGO to inform people about life of Turtles in Puerto Vallarta so they can peacefully come and lay their eggs on the beach. It was a beautiful experience to witness and beside that someone who saw this video donated special bags for ollecting the turtle eggs, so the NGO does not have to use plastic anymore!

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