Imagine beautiful ballet dancer and wonderful nature of Huasteca mountains in Mexico. 
Art performance by bailarina from Monterrey national theatre.
Video from Huasteca, Mexico
This carnival was so much fun, Panama definitely knows how to celebrate the most important day of the year. Fabulous show, vibes and colors. It was the biggest reggaeton festival of my life.
Video from Las Tablas, Panama
I met these guys on the streets of Havana and gave them a chance to show their talent. Liberato is a great rapper with peaceful songs and Cuba is one of the most amazing and interesting places to shoot music videos.
Video from Havana, Cuba
Flying drone inside of the museum and documenting the movement of a new choreography group. The movement has many shapes and our body does not have any limits.
Video from Monterrey, Mexico
Do you like Poetry? Take a spotlight on this new emerging artist from Mexico. This lovely girl can express her feelings and life experiences through poetry in a magical way.
Video from Monterey, Mexico
One reason I will always love Mexico.. the colors, the culture, the food and the people. These mexican folklore dancers are one of the top traditional artist that you can see in Mexico.
Video from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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