Portfolio of Real Estate Photography and Videos from Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia.

GRAND VISTA is 36 000 000 USD huge property for sale in Jaslisco Mexico. Objective of the video was to show the magnitude of the land with private beach and incredible views. Very unique place with breathtaking surroundings and nature. Also includes very beautiful houses designed by famous architect from LA.
Drone Photography in Mexico.
KAALPUL is amazing Eco-Hotel located at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. Each room has a unique style and beautiful view on the lake. The only access is through the boat which makes your stay a very unique experience. They serve the best vegan food I ever had.
Drone and Glidecam camera in Guatemala.
CARTAGENA Izraeli designer who changed old flat into the custom made luxury futuristic apartment with amazing views and moody lights for the party night. This place is designed to have fun and you can buy it, rent it or let this guy to design your own. Located in Cartagena Colombia.
Drone and hand held camera in Colombia
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